BAME real estate professionals speaker database

It is now three years since Women Talk Real Estate launched, and in that time, we believe our practical tool to raise the visibility of women through industry events has made a meaningful impact. We think we've been successful because as well as being about visibility, it's based on immediate, measurable results - in three years we've seen 570 speaker invitations go to 257 different female professionals. We believe this simple formula could have the same impact to raise the visibility of both male and female experts from BAME backgrounds and help keep the topic of the importance of our industry being more ethnically diverse at the top of the agenda. 


We would be grateful if you would spend five minutes of your time to answer no more than 11 multiple choice questions about the concept, your potential participation and willingness to support the database. We would like feedback from all respondents, not just BAME professionals. 


You can fill the survey in at this link.